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  Recovery vehicle DTM


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Because back in the days there weren't that many recovery vehicles I decided to make one myself,
a little bit of a free mind because the picture shows a crane but my truck doesn't have one.

Finished on 02-01-2009

The idea.
First we need a donor, this time it will be the red Mercedes.
It's a Minichamps Dealerversion from the:
Mercedes Atego 1828
B6 600 0264
The white container is already gone, next up the roof spoiler.
The flatbed made from wood and put it in the primer.

Side-bars from metal, also in the primer

Headboard in the making
little dry-fit
Everything glued together and another layer of primer

Dry-fit on the truck

 Several layers
of red paint
(With drying time in
between them) 


Flashing light made from the lights and rear bumper from a toycar.

Glued it and painted it black, then a dry-fit


Everything mounted, incl. a piece of duct tape that I put on the flatbed.



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