"Trekhaak" (DTM Zandvoort 2003)                                                
  "Trekhaak" (DTM Zandvoort 2003)

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This was a little joke by the mechanics from Albers during the DTM race at Zandvoort in 2003.
Because we Dutchman are know for our vacation with the caravan and because we are have the
intensity to drive on the left side with it and Chris started on the left side of the track,
the men provided the #4 car with a hitch during the warm-up.


Finished on 03-03-2009  
The real deal.

The donor is the Minichamps 400033304


Sorry for the
blurry pictures.
the big ones
got lost.


 From a piece of paperclip the hitch is coming together.



With some putty mounted on the car

And of course the tennis ball, made from a little piece of styrofoam, and colored it fluor yellow.


Painting the putty black and let it all dry.


It's ready!


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